Engineering at ZipRecruiter

Engineering at ZipRecruiter

Technology is the driving force behind our product, but it’s our people that push it to new innovative heights. Our engineering teams are dedicated to ZipRecruiter’s mission of helping connect millions of people to their next great opportunity. And we’re striving to build sophisticated, elegant, yet simple products while constantly trying to improve their effectiveness, efficiency, reliability, and scalability.
As we continue to drive our mission through technology, we’re always looking for brilliant people to join our team.

Our Team Ethos

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Industry-Leading Technology

Be part of a team that’s leveraging advanced machine-learning technology to make meaningful connections between people and businesses every day.

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Meaningful Work

Our mission is everything. We don’t build anything unless we know it’s going to have an impact. When you work here, you are truly helping people.

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Enjoy the Journey

You get all the resources you need in a workplace that champions creative problem-solving, open communication, and an inclusive culture.

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Inclusive Teamwork

You’ll be part of a talented team that works with other teams to build products, while teaching each other new skills.

At ZipRecruiter, we get opportunities on every level to deploy new products. Some of us build complex infrastructure. Other people on our team deploy product features daily. In either case, there’s a fast cadence for releasing our products.
- J.F., Vice-President, Engineering
ZipRecruiter’s mission of connecting people with their next great opportunity includes our employees. Whether you’re looking to grow the codebase or a team of engineers, we’re committed to providing a career path for every engineer to learn, advance, and continue to make ZipRecruiter a great place to work.
- E.W., Senior Director, Engineering
ZipRecruiter is a 100% data-driven company. Most companies claim to be data-driven, but we truly are. If you have an idea, we test it quickly.
- J.R., Senior Director, Engineering - Market Intelligence
At ZipRecruiter, we work as a single team, with a single mission—as opposed to teams of specialists that keep handing things off. There is a fluidity that allows us to expose, learn, and master new technologies.
- A.K., Data Systems


We’re proud to be recognized as a great place to work.
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