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Make work experiences better, easier, and more efficient

Bridge HR systems, applications, and processes for an intelligent enterprise

SAP Business Technology Platform helps you build bridges between your information islands, enabling your employees to have better experiences – when, where, and how they work.

Employee experience is key to every business

Your people, processes, and technologies need to work with – not against – each other. Now, your business can bridge islands among HR and the rest of your organization to create an experience that connects your most important assets: employees and data.

No desk, no problem, with SAP BTP

SAP Business Technology Platform can help organizations with a distributed workforce that are deskless and work in the field outside of an office improve employee experience.

Empowering Remote and Field-Based Employees

Learn how SAP Business Technology Platform enables agility and innovation so your company can provide new and engaging employee experiences that are designed for how, when, and where people work.


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SAP helped to improve employee experiences with faster, streamlined HR services

Top 10 ways SAP BTP can enhance employee experiences

SAP Business Technology Platform provides key capabilities to integrate and extend your existing HR solutions to work better together, provide better employee experiences, and surpass your employee experience goals.

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12 questions about employee experience

Find out what HR managers should be asking – and what employees expect.

Create better experiences for your employees with SAP BTP

SAP Business Technology Platform can simplify and improve employee interactions with your HR applications by extending your apps with functionality critical to your unique business needs. Enabling you to get more value out of your existing SAP SuccessFactors HXM solutions, so your employees can accomplish what they need to do faster and more efficiently


Remove mundane manual processes that cost you money, time, and talent value activities

Use advanced BI and machine learning technologies to automate processes – helping HR teams get answers in the moment and drive organizational success.

  • SAP Build Process Automation uses intelligent bots to automate redundant, error-prone tasks, so people can focus on high-value activities.

Improve employee efficiency

  • Automate HR tasks with AI and machine learning to provide a faster view of incoming applicants based on qualifications.



Empower your employees from wherever they are

Provide self-service access to real-time information for better, faster decision-making. 

  • SAP Data Warehouse Cloud connects data with business context and empowers business users to unlock insights. This unified data and analytics cloud solution offers self-service data preparation features, so users can import large data sets and create complex data models. 

Support flexibility for a mobile workforce

Create mobile apps tailored for specific business needs based on where, and how, employees work.

  • SAP Mobile Services enables you to develop, configure, and manage mobile applications that provide access to enterprise data for field-based employees.


Centralize workforce planning

Enable your HR teams to uncover opportunities and make strategic decisions using data from across the business. 

  • SAP Analytics Cloud is fully embedded across SAP SuccessFactors HXM Suite, enabling users to build dashboards with real-time data and use planning capabilities with access to financial data, sales projections, and supply chain forecasts for centralized workforce planning.
  • SAP Analytics Planning helps you make financial and operational decisions confidently by turning insight into action instantly using a personal sandbox planning environment, visualizing performance metrics, and simulating potential outcomes. 
  • Extended Planning and Analytics helps you create strategic alignment across all departments, crowdsource plans across the business, and make confident decisions.


Adapt and evolve people and processes to  support individual, strategic, and organizational agility

Unify and customize user experiences, adapt to changing market conditions and customer demand, connect and extract insights from cross-enterprise solutions on premise and in the cloud, and accelerate innovation.

  • SAP Integration Suite empowers business users and developers across the organization to perform integration to scale and reduce bottlenecks.


Build and enhance apps, processes, and experiences quickly across your value chain

  • Improve people productivity and engagement and deliver modern digital workplace experiences across all channels and business applications.
  • Application Development and Automation enables you to extend your SAP SuccessFactors solutions and third-party applications or build new HR apps fast with low-code or no-code app development.

Streamline complex processes with easy-to-follow, self-managed workflows, without the help of IT 

  • SAP Workflow Management service allows you to streamline complex processes with intuitive, self-managed workflows, without the help of IT.
  • SAP Build Work Zone empowers employees with a personalized, modern, and intuitive digital workspace solution that provides relevant business insight and applications in one place.

Meet our HR customers

See how global organizations use SAP SuccessFactors solutions and SAP Business Technology Platform to help tackle their most pressing HR business challenges.

20% cut in total HR headcount costs

  • Enhances productivity with automated workflows across the employee lifecycle
  • Increases transparency with unified HR processes for all business units 
  • Simplifies and automates recruiting processes
  • Provides a foundation for development and integration with SAP BTP

40% decrease in eligibility management costs

  • Enhances the employee experience with automated workflows and self-services
  • Provides 24x7 mobile access to HR services for all employees
  • Removes the need for dedicated IT resources within HR, freeing time to focus on people development

Explore use cases on how SAP BTP
can help support your HR needs

View business use cases that showcase the business value HR managers and teams can achieve with SAP Business Technology Platform, along with technical use cases that provide the information your IT and development teams need to implement our use cases.

Streamline complex calculations to reduce errors

Learn how to remove manual and error-prone processes by automatically applying calculation rules to determine seniority and tenure, rather than relying on human record-keeping and reporting.

Create better onboarding experiences with e-signatures

Simplify new hire onboarding processes with flexible and secure digital signature management that helps scale contract completion and maintain compliance with identity verification requirements.

Ready to see what you can do with SAP Business Technology Platform?

Explore partner content and apps for HR in the SAP Store

With content and solutions built on SAP BTP, our trusted partners can help you meet your organizational and business needs quickly and efficiently.

Explore SAP Discovery Center to see problems SAP BTP can solve

Help your IT team realize how SAP BTP can help solve business problems you may not realize you have. Check out the vast library of usage scenarios and implementation guides.

Learn what SAP BTP can do for your company

Help your IT team understand what SAP BTP can do for them. View our product pages for SAP BTP and see the various solutions available for database and data management, analytics, integration, application development, and intelligent technologies.


Human Capital Management

Understanding employee needs, you can put people at heart of your HR strategy.

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