Job Posting Rules

In order to provide a positive experience for all parties that use the ZipRecruiter services, job posters must adhere to these Job Posting Rules (“Rules”) when providing job content, in any representation of employment opportunities, and throughout the application process. Where these Rules are not followed, we may remove or reduce the visibility of a job advertisement, employment opportunity, or application process (each, a “Job Posting”) or suspend or terminate the job poster’s account without a refund of any fees paid.

Just Jobs

ZipRecruiter is a platform dedicated to provide Job Postings for paid positions and should not be used to post:

  • Multi-level marketing opportunities
  • Unpaid internships or any other unpaid roles
  • Any arrangement that does not represent an employment opportunity
  • Casting calls, auditions for modeling, acting and/or talent management services
  • Survey collections, opinion participants, focus groups, etc.
  • Franchise/business opportunities

Job Transparency

We expect job posters on our platform to have transparent and accurate information within their advertisements, and through their entire candidate onboarding process, including, but not limited to, the job poster’s obligations to ensure that:

  • All elements of job content and communication with candidates accurately reflect the opportunity offered
  • Each Job Posting represents a real and current job opening
  • Job content uses industry standard language so that candidates qualified for the opportunity would understand the responsibilities, qualifications, and compensation

Additional Rules

Keep in mind these requirements for every Job Posting available on ZipRecruiter:

  • Job seekers should never be required to register or create an account in order to view the job description
  • Job posters should never require the job seeker to pay any fees directly to the employer
  • Job posters should never include content, or links to content, that is illegal, offensive, obscene, threatening, exploitative, violent, or inappropriate for any other reason
  • Job posters should never include any personal information in the job description or as part of the instructions for submitting the application
  • Job posters should never promote or advertise products or services
  • Job posters should never include keywords irrelevant to the job in the job title or job description
  • Job posters should never require the job seeker to submit a photo or video as part of the application
  • Job posters should ensure that all job content is authorized for posting on ZipRecruiter by the appropriate trademark or copyright owner

Job Poster’s Responsibility

It is the responsibility of the job poster to make sure that the content of its Job Posting does not violate applicable laws. At a minimum, the job poster must ensure that all of its Job Postings:

  • Comply with applicable local, state, federal and international laws, including but not limited to laws relating to anti-discrimination, labor and employment, equal employment opportunity and employment eligibility requirements, posting salary ranges, data privacy, data access and use, defamation, consumer protection, and intellectual property and laws requiring that Job Postings appear in a certain language other than English
  • Not contain any job requirement or criterion that discriminates on the basis of race, sex (including gender identity, sexual orientation and pregnancy), age, physical or mental disability, religion, national origin, citizenship, military or veteran status, genetic information or any other characteristic protected by applicable law
  • Not prohibit applications from persons with criminal convictions, criminal records, and/or felonies, unless such criterion is a legally permissible and legitimate requirement of the job, or is required by law
  • Not require citizenship of any particular country or lawful permanent residence in a country as a condition of employment, unless otherwise required in order to comply with applicable law, legal order, or government contract
  • Not include any screening requirement or criterion where such requirement or criterion is not an actual, legitimate, and lawful requirement of the job
  • Not contain content, or links to content, that exploits people in a sexual, violent, or other manner, or solicits personal information from anyone under the age of 16
  • Not contain a role located in any country subject to sanctions imposed by the governments of the United States or the United Kingdom

Additional Information

Some Job Postings may be subject to review; provided, that ZipRecruiter is under no obligation to review any Job Postings. Job posters may be required to revise their Job Postings to comply with these Job Posting Rules or to provide additional information to allow potential applicants to clearly understand the nature and scope of the posting. For more information on the removal of advertisements or account termination, please visit our Global Terms of Use Agreement.

Please visit these Job Posting Rules from time to time as the rules or standards may change. You can tell when they were last revised by the date posted below.

Last updated: July 15, 2022