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Marketing Solutions

With real-time and personalized omnichannel customer engagement, you can accelerate the outcomes that your business desires.

What should you look for in a marketing platform?

Your success depends on attracting, converting, and retaining the right customers. Our marketing platform can help you successfully identify audience segments, deliver customer engagements across channels and at scale, and produce measurable results. 

The right marketing platform can help your business grow by enabling you to:

  • Accelerate time to value
  • Deliver one-to-one, cross-channel experiences
  • Increase loyalty and customer lifetime value
  • Simplify your IT marketing landscape
  • Produce measurable business results


SAP Customer Experience LIVE

View the visionary keynote and customer sessions from SAP CX LIVE: Exec Connect.

Increase customer lifetime value with SAP Emarsys Customer Engagement


Integrated customer engagement

Connect data across your business quickly and more easily to personalize interactions across channels.

Prebuilt industry-specific analytics and tactics

Identify key segments and strategies and rapidly deploy best-practice campaign tactics to accelerate business outcomes.

Customer-centric personalization

Enrich customer profiles with data from everywhere and use an AI-powered personalization engine to engage with customers wherever.

Embedded AI and intuitive analytics

Understand, predict, and optimize campaign performance and measure customer outcomes without a dedicated data team.

Real-time cross-channel marketing automation

Automate real-time, personalized, omnichannel engagements with a platform that can send more than one billion messages a day.


Marketing and sales data integration

Enable contextual, connected engagements across channels with a shared customer view across sales, marketing, and commerce.

Campaign automation with prebuilt tactics

Gain sales and marketing efficiency with industry-specific, omnichannel engagement tactics and customizable templates.

Lead tracking and scoring

Assess leads based on their level of engagement with marketing campaigns to identify sales-ready prospects.

Proactive account collaboration

Boost sales velocity by automating lead creation and notifying sales about when to take action.

Comparative campaign reporting

Access purpose-built reporting to analyze campaign effectiveness and optimize processes toward what’s working.

Transform marketing from a cost center into a growth generator

With SAP solutions, you can rapidly scale omnichannel customer engagement to deliver real-time, personalized experiences that drive business outcomes.

Excel at omnichannel marketing automation

How can brands deliver engagements that exceed customer expectations and drive tangible business results? Explore six pillars of a successful omnichannel personalization strategy.

Adapt at the speed of customers

Brands are struggling to adapt marketing activities to changing business conditions and buyer behavior. To meet growth goals, CMOs need solutions that enhance marketing agility and cut time to value.

See how customers are succeeding with marketing software from SAP

Tailoring the experience for fashion shoppers

Find out how LK Bennett simplifies luxury shopping experiences from discovery to checkout and beyond to drive profitable sales.

1.5x increase in the contactable database

Learn how confectioner Ferrara’s customer-focused, omnichannel marketing strategy increased engagement and growth.

Delivering personalized engagements and fitness motivation

See how adidas Runtastic’s mobile-first approach delivers millions of personalized messages to a global fitness community every day – all within a single platform.

Discover the omnichannel difference

Ready to supercharge your engagement strategy?

 Omnichannel engagement can improve customer loyalty, increase margins, and grow revenue. Get the insights, inspiration, and tools you need to adopt an omnichannel strategy from SAP and a guest speaker from Forrester.

What are research firms saying about innovations in customer engagement?

Improving business with omnichannel strategies

Omnichannel strategies drive higher margins, better loyalty, and improved customer experiences. Forrester Consulting reveals how to seize this edge.

Growing revenue with marketing innovation

The innovation and optimization of your marketing technology stack can accelerate outcomes and time to value. Get insights to rethink your marketing strategy.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Omnichannel marketing software is a customer experience solution that enables businesses to deliver relevant customer engagements across multiple marketing channels and touch points. Unlike point solutions, which may provide separate channel applications, omnichannel solutions provide an orchestration layer and a set of common capabilities that span across channels. These channels include data management and segmentation, personalization tools and reporting, and marketing analytics.


Read this study to discover how omnichannel marketing can help you achieve critical business outcomes.

Marketing automation software helps businesses make their marketing workflows more efficient by automating marketing tasks and the creation and delivery of campaigns. As a core marketing capability, it is often part of a broader customer experience solution, such as a marketing cloud or customer engagement platform, and can serve B2C marketing automation or B2B marketing automation use cases.

Learn more about the role of marketing automation in your customer engagement strategy.

A marketing cloud is an integrated suite of marketing tools designed to reduce marketing complexity and provide better customer experiences – including marketing automation, personalization tools, data management, multichannel campaign management, and marketing analytics.

Customer engagement software enables businesses to better nurture customer relationships, manage customer lifecycles, and create, enhance, and drive sophisticated customer journeys. It spans across the lead-to-cash business lifecycle – from awareness and purchase through onboarding and loyalty.

Watch this video to discover how Ferrara Candy Company uses customer engagement software from SAP to achieve critical business outcomes.

Emarsys is a company that SAP acquired in November 2020. It offers an omnichannel customer engagement platform that empowers marketers to build, launch, and scale personalized marketing campaigns that grow customer lifetime value through intelligent omnichannel engagements.


Explore SAP Emarsys Customer Engagement.


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