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Evolve omnichannel experiences at the right pace

With a complete view and real-time insight, you can empower customers to stay connected in a fast-paced world.

Benefit from convenient and industry expertise

Telco industry solutions from SAP are designed to elevate your managers’ and users’
decision-making experience.

Scale and thrive with business subscription models

Create a unified, cross-channel experience for your customers – from in store to online, mobile, and beyond – with an exceptional subscriber onboarding and lifecycle experience.

Deliver impressive and consistent customer journeys

Reinvent the customer experience by laying an agile, scalable, and AI-enabled foundation to drive effective e-commerce strategies that turn engagement into a competitive advantage.

What our customers are saying

See how our customers invested in capabilities that modernized their operations
while driving value.

100% digitalized customer journey

Check out at how VOO built a mobile-first experience that meets the needs and expectations of its millennial customers.

One e-commerce platform to service Latin America

Take a look at how Liberty Latin America provides a unified e-commerce experience that meets unique regional needs.

30% more-efficient checkout process online

Explore how Tessco smoothed its purchasing process for customers with a combination of cloud-based e-commerce and ERP.

See SAP Commerce Cloud, telco and utilities accelerator

Watch these two-minute videos to learn how to support your customer needs with a
cloud-based accelerator developed for telco and utilities industries.

Why SAP Commerce Cloud, telco and utilities accelerator

Amaze your customers by taking their shopping experience to the next level.

Empower telco product managers

Discover how the industry-specific tools from SAP Commerce Cloud, telco and utilities accelerator can help your telco business.

Minimize pricing complexity

Consider how telco providers overcome pricing challenges with SAP Commerce Cloud, telco and utilities accelerator.

Fulfill unique customer conditions

Find out how you can resolve growing demand for hyperpersonalization
with SAP Commerce Cloud, telco and utilities accelerator.

Improve your customers' perception of your value

Offer better value to customers through personalized pricing and discounts with SAP Commerce Cloud, telco and utilities accelerator.

Design the best journey for your customers

Create a customer experience that is smooth and captivating with SAP Commerce Cloud, telco and utilities accelerator.

Simplify your telco cart experience

Explore a solution specifically designed to address challenges around telco hierarchical carts.

Make great experiences happen in real time

Find out how to you can impress customers to help them make immediate purchase decisions.

Boost customer retention

Maximize your customer retention efforts with specific features from SAP
Commerce Cloud, telco and utilities accelerator.

Improve the customer experience with self-care

Reimagine your customer's experience by giving them the tools to own and manage their services and products as they want.

Benefit from full commitment to industry best practices

Learn about the importance of standardized architectures for telco providers and how SAP implements TM Forum APIs.

Embrace the era of subscription-based business models

Turn one-time customers into lifelong customers by creating a subscription service model with SAP Commerce Cloud, telco and utilities accelerator.

Find more telecommunications solutions

Learn more about industry trends, challenges, and opportunities, and explore our full range of SAP solutions to meet all your business needs.

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